Staff changes in Traktor Ice Hockey Club

Meeting of the Supervisory board of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club took place on January 31.

According to the decision of the president of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club and the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Texler, Ivan Savin was appointed to the position of the director of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club.

Ivan Savin is a Russian retired hockey player who began his career in Chelyabinsk and played five seasons for the Traktor team. He won European Champions Cup, VHL Cup and bronze medal of the championship of Russia.

Ivan Savin is the chairman of the board of the ZaryaD LCC that produces professional hockey gear. Savin is familiar both with the organization work and the financial structure. His professional and sport achievement will help to achieve better sport result of theTraktor team.

Boris Vidgof on the position of the vice president will be responsible for sponsorship and financial field.

Boris Vidgof
"We have just one goal, which is to make Traktor successful. I suggested Alexei Texler to consider Ivan Savin and I`m glad that he supported my suggestion. Ivan is a great player, a prominent person in the hockey world and an experienced businessman. He is known and respected by the fans. I`m sure that on this position Ivan will be able to improve work of our beloved organization in every direction which will affect the results of the main team."

Ivan Savin:
"It`s a great honour for me to become the head of the Traktor Ice Hockey Club. I`ll do my best to work effectively for the organization. I would like to thank the president of the organization Alexei Texler for his trust."


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Staff changes in Traktor Ice Hockey Club
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