Sergei Konkov: It`s hard to count on win when you allow five goals

Sergei Konkov gave a short interview after Traktor vs Salavat Yulaev game.

What went wrong today?

Probably it was the play in defense. It`s hard to count on win when you allow five goals. You need to score six goals at least. It`s not that great with scoring for us as we would like it to be. As soon as we play properly in defense, we pay a lot of attention to it, we have a nice game and we don`t have problems at all.

Did penalty kill turn out to be crucial?

The opponent scored two power-play goals and the third time they scored when our player was leaving the penalty box. Anyway, we scored a power-play goal too. I think that it you are 100% ready for the game and play well in defense, there will be fewer penalties. Even if there are penatlies, we can fix the situation.

After a game in Chelyabinsk Salavat Yulaev had two more games, while Traktor didn`t have games. How did it affect the team?

It`s hard to say. We played, we created traffic, but lost moments. The Ufa`s team came to the ice and showed their character and we had thought that we`d win due to their tiredness. We were shown how we should play, how to battle for the win. It`s a very good example. 

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