Cosmonautics Day

On April 12 the day when a person went to space is celebrated. It happened in 1961 and this person was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It took an hour and 48 minutes to complete one orbit of the Earth. 

The Kontinental Hockey League couldn`t forget about such a historical event and called the Cup in Gagarin`s honour.

Traktor Ice Hockey Club and outer space are mutually connected. The captain of MI-8 helicopter crew, Denis Chepak donated memorable photos to the club`s museum. One of them was among the personal belongings of Oleg Artemyev.

Traktor`s Teddy bear was the first symbol of KHL mascot to be an indicator of weightlessness at the Soyuz MC-08 spaceship and a toy and amulet of famous Russian astronaut Oleg Artemyev. The Teddy bear spent 197 days at the ISS and came back to the Earth, now everyone might have a look at it in the Traktor museum.  

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