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Traktor finished the season with a game day for fans.

On April 6 Traktor Ice Hockey Club hold a show game for the fans to have a chance to spend time  and play hockey with the players. The rules of the Traktor All-Star game were the same, both fans and players were represented in both lineups. 

Before the game start Boris Vidgof, Traktor Ice Hockey Club director, gave a speech, Boris greeted fans and pointed out their contribution to the history and development of the club.

Traktor Ice Hockey Club director Boris Vidgof:
- I would like to thank you very much and thank our players. It doesn`t really matter what this season was like, it`s over. I would like to thank our fans who support our team no matter what. Dear friends, thank you! With this show game we finish the 2018/19 season and start preparations for the new one. I`m sure and I hope that the coming season will please us all. At least, we will do everything for it. We are supported by the acting governor of Chelyabinsk region and together we will reach success. Thank you one more time, dear fans! We need you!

During the breaks there still were a lot of surprises for fans. Ice contests were so different from what we got used to, playing basketball on ice, playing curling with a player instead of a stone. Of course the Score-to-Demchenko contest, nobody from four lucky fans who took part managed to score, though there were no losers in the contest as everyone won emotions from such a chance.

" We had a great show and a great atmosphere. I didn`t take part in such events before and I really enjoy it. It`s always great to chat with the fans face to face. Yes, I scored three goals but I just shot when I had moments. I didn`t really want to catch a lot of attention," says Traktor`s defenseman Ilya Karpukhin who played for the team in white jerseys.

"Everything was cool. We enjoyed playing such a game, I`m sure everyone would like it.Все прошло очень круто. Last time we were divided into three teams and we couldn`t play all game, and this time it was much better! It`s so cool! Of course, I couldn`t expect getting the MVP prize. Now this award is the most important one to me,"  says Vladlen Maximov who played for the team in white jerseys.

"Honestly, I`m full of emotions. There is a lot of fans, it creates such an atmosphere! It was my first time at such game and I really enjoyed it. I think that everything here wasn`t about the final score, but about emotins and relaxing. We had a lot of fun monents, contests and giveaways, the organising guys did a great job. I definetely won`t forget the day," says Traktor`s player Alexander Podkorytov who played for the team in black jerseys. 

After the awarding ceremony for the player of the Traktor All-Star game, Fan Choice Award named after Pavel Lazarev took place. The fans voted for Vasily Demchenko and the goaltender was given a memorable trophy. To return the favour, the best fan was rewarded. Vladimir Patrushev visited most of the away games and rightfully took his prize.

When the game was over, all the fans came to ice and just had fun with the players, they took pictures and didn`t miss the chance to get an autograph.

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