Isaak Valitsky is 70!

Traktor Ice Hockey Club ex-director Isaak Valitsky turns 70 on April 6.

Isaak Valitsky was born in Chelyabinsk. He graduated from Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University in 1978. Isaak worked as a locksmith and was a secretary of local Komsomol organisation and the chairman of its sports community. 

He was chosen as the chairman of Chelyabinsk City Council of sports community in 1978, then as a deputy chairman of the trade-union committee and the chaiman of the Stroitel Urala (Builder of Ural) sport club in 1981, the director of the Yunost sport palace in 2000, the director of the Centralny stadium in 2005, as a general director of Traktor Ice Hockey Club in 2006-2010, a director of Traktor Ice Arena in 2008-2010, deputy of Chelyabinsk city duma, deputy director of Olympiysky and director of Iceberg Sochi ice sports palace.

Isaak has been given a title of Merited employee of Physical Education and  rewarded with Order of Frienship and medal of VDNKh.

Isaak Valitsky: "I had a choice of becoming either a blacksmith or an athlete"
Can you imagine your life without sports?
It`s impossinble. I grew up in the district where there was nothing but a club and a stadium. We didn`t have TV, so I spent all my time at the stadium. I played football, ice hockey, martial arts, then I was enrolled to the pedagogical university. I had a choice of becoming either a blacksmith or an athlete. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were blacksmiths. On vacations my father used to make me work at the smithy at least a week to produce a fire hook or something else. But I decided to engage myself with sports and I have no regrets.

Traktor Ice Hockey Club wishes a Happy Anniversary to Isaak! Sending you all the best wishes for your work, health and spirit!

Source: an article by Olga Sukinova in the newspaper of "Chelyabinsk Segodnya" (Chelyabinsk Today) 10.12.2008 

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