Face to face. Chelmet vs Belye Medvedi. Pt 2

Chelmet tops Belye Medvedi, 4-2.

The second and the last game of a friendly series between Chelmet and Belye medvedi is over. Lineups were changed a bit since some players changed teams. For example, the goalies, in the last game Viktor Selivyorstov played for Chelmet and Dmitry Sharov was in the net of Belye Medvedi. For the last game it was vice versa. Moreover, Belye Medvedi had Evgeny Kobyakov and Maxim Ufimtsev from Chelmet this time though other forwards scored in the beginning of the game. In the second period Belye Medvedi scored another goal on the power play, 0-2. Probably it was the moment that made Chelmet woke up, Mikhail Konovalov and then Denis Mosharov recorded goals as a result of a brilliant positioned attack, 2-2. In the following shift Chelmet took the lead, Platon Popov and Mikhail Konovalov did their best at two on one. In the third perion Belye Medvedi left Denis Mosharov alone on the blue line, after an assist from Artyom Melikhov he recorded a one on one goal, Chelmet won, 4-2.

CHELMET vs BELYE MEDVEDI 4:2 (0:1 3:1, 1:0) 
0:1 - Stepanov (Zubov) - 4'

0:2 - Zubov (Shabanov, Stepanov) - 30' PPG

1:2 - onovalov (shurnikov) - 22'

2:2 - osharov (lokhov, arasov) - 24'

3:2 - novalov (Popov) - 25'

4:2 - osharov (likhov) - 43'

Sharov (Selivyorstov, 31)
Petrikov - Lavrinenko, Shipin - Shafigulin - oshurnikov
Shurygin - Kostarev, osharov - Melikhov - arasov
Nikulin - Mokrushev, orinevsky - Popov - onovalov

Selivyorstov (Ivanov, 31)
Shasharin - Yasinsky, Nesvetayev - ansurov -Yakovlev
Vdovin - uzyk, Stepanov - Shabanov - Zubov
Neroyev - Bolgov, Ufimtsev - bramov - bbyakov
Rachinsky - Yerofeyev- Yeryomenko

Penalty in Minutes: 12 vs 8

April 5, 2019. Chelyabinsk. Yunost Sport Palace. 

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