"I wish you to keep high sport level of the club"

Ivan Senichev thanked everyone for working in Traktor Ice Hockey Club.

Ivan, Alexey Texler announced your resignation from the Traktor Ice Hockey Club director position. What`s your comment on this?
This question has been discussed. According to the Traktor Ice Hockey Club regulations director is signed to three-year contract. My contract is expiring.

Boris Vidgof was named as curator of Traktor. What`s your opinion?
I know Boris is a true fan of Traktor, he has been to all the games of the team. He plays hockey and knows everything about the club. Today Traktor is listed in the top 10 KHL clubs and in the top 3 league`s attendance. Hockey level is high now. It`s difficult to deny Traktor`s achievements, first of all, the bronze medals of the main and junior teams. I would like to thank everyone I worked with here, all the staff of the club, coaching staff, players, our partners, fans and journalists. All Traktor achievements are results of our united work. I wish everyone good luck in keeping and rising the high level of Chelyabinsk hockey.

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