VHL. Igor Znarok: It is better to play games than just to have practices

The head coaches comment on the two Chelmet vs Gornyak games.

"The season is not over. We keep practicing. In order to keep tonus as a playing team, we need such exhibition games. We enjoyed both games both in terms of spirit and play. Guys did a great job and fought till the end. It is important since we need to check the players. We really need such games," said the Gornyak`s head coach Oleg Leontyev.

"I can`t but agree with my colleague. Some players from the junior team, the Belye Medvedi, joined us. We kept an eye on them while they were on ice as well as we watched the other guys playing. We need to decide who stays in the team. We played these games in order to extend our season a bit. It is better to play games than just to have practices," expressed his opinion the Chelmet`s head coach Igor Znarok.

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