2019 Kharlamov Cup. aksim Smelnitsky: Chelyabinsk is interested in hockey

The Belye Medvedi`s and Mamonty Ugry`s head coaches comments on the fourth game of the series results.

"It was a good game. The one who wanted to win won," said the Mamonty Ugry`s head coach, Dmitry Burlitsky.

"The most important thing is that guys calmed down and gained confidence. We need to make one more step to qualify for the next round. The emotions we got from the wins were extremely necessary for us. Once again, there will be no easy game, I would say that there will be the most difficult one. We will do our best. It`s very important to rest well now since we will go to the away game be bus. I would like to thank all the fans for their great support. Both home games saw a lot of peoples on the standings. It was a great pleasure for us and it`s nice to understand that Chelyabinsk is still interested in hockey. We hope that we will come back from Khanty-Mansiysk with victory," commented the Belye Medvedi`s head coach, Maxim Smelnitsky.

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