"We will be stronger next season"

Traktor holds a meeting with journalists to discuss emotions from the regular season and playoffs.

Yesterday the Traktor team finished playoffs where the black and whites lost four games to the best team of the Eastern conference Avtomobilist. Today the first conclusions have been made at the team meeting.

The club director Ivan Senichev, the general manager Evgeny Gubarev, the team`s acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny, the team`s captain Alexander Shinin and club`s veterans Nikolai Makarov and Andrei Kudinov and fans` movement manager Artyom Vorobyov expressed their opinion on the season.

According to the speakers the season turned out to be unbelievably difficult, many players got injured but the team did their best on ice and qualifies for playoffs and then managed to fight one of the best KHL teams.

Traktor`s director Ivan Senichev:
The season was extremely fast. Once you think that the team is to play 62 games but everything past in a twinkling of an eye. Moreover, we played four games in the playoffs. I would like to thank the team for their commitment, the last days were hard, the season was full of injuries. Maybe we would have a different result if our team was more skilled and our three leaders, Richard Gynge, Paul Szczechura and Ryan Stoa, were not on the injury list. It was a pleasure to see how our young players developed. They are the future of our team. And I would like to thank the Traktor Ice Hockey Club`s president Boris Dubrovsky. He always supported our team in the season and helped to empower the team during the season. Of course I would like to thank our fans who supported the team no matter what. It would be much harder if you weren`t by our side. Now it is time to move on. I am sure that we will be stronger next season.

Traktor`s veteran Nikolai Makarov:
Team did their best in the difficult situation. Many players were injured but none of them gave up. The playoffs proved that Traktor is not just a team. Guys just needed something more to win. I wish good luck to the club in the next season.

Traktor`s general manager Evgeny Gubarev:
We managed to keep 80% of previous season`s roster and invited some players to make the team stronger. Unfortunately the injuries followed the team all the time. In total 24 players were on the injury list. I think that the coaching staff did their job well. I would like to thank our team for the playoffs. Though we lost all the games to Avtomobilist, which is sad, I would like to tell that we saw a united team on ice and a great desire to win in their eyes.

Traktor`s veteran Andrei Kudinov:
The begining of the season was quite a failure but with the new head coach the team found their play. It was hard, the games for the playoff spots were crazy but it worked in our favour. Of course, we can`t forget about all the injuries that influenced a lot. I wish the club to be as hard as a rock next season and then the desired result will be achieved.

Traktor fans` movement manager Artyom Vorobyov:
The season turned out to be tough. On behalf of the fans I`d like to say that we always want you to win the Cup and medals but it`s hockey. We will aways be by your side and support you. We strongly believe that the best is yet to come. 

Traktor`s acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny:
I would like to thank the club`s managers for their trusting me such an important role in the team. It was a great challenge for me. We managed to accomplish one of the main goals which is qualifying for playoffs. Unfortinately Avtomobilist was a bit stronger and we couldn`t win. The strongest one is to win. I would like to thank the club, the players and our fans for this season. 

Traktor`s captain Alexander Shinin:
We all feel empty now. It is hard to talk on the season`s results now. Yes, it was not perfect but yet it is a great experience. I would like to thank the guys from the team, our staff and doctors. During the season we didn`t have any problems with atmosphere, it was great. There was just a family called "Traktor". I would like to thank all the fans for their great support and patience.

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