VHL. Ravil Gusmanov: Guys were asked to focus on defense

Coaches comment on Khimik vs Chelmet game, 2-1 SO.

Why Khimik didn`t manage to win in the regular time?

"I think we lost a lot of moments in the first period. If we had scored, the game would have been different for us. The Chelmet`s goaltender really did a great job and helped them in moments when we could score 100%. We always tried to pass the puck instead of making shots. We failed to keep the 1-0 score as we missed the goal on the penalty kill.  We practice the shootout shots a lot, it helps us to win. We earned two points, congratulations to the fans on the winning. These two points are very important to us", responds Khimik`s head coach Vyacheslav Kozlov.

"Cpngratulations on the winning to our opponent. The game turned out to be tight. We asked guys to concentrate on defense firstly due to the fact that we have a young goalie, thus they would help him to get into the game. The goalie did a great job, he helped the team. We managed to tie the score but lost in the shootout. We keep prapering to the following games", answers Chelmet`s coach Ravil Gusmanov.

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