Alexei Tertyshny: We lost concentration in the end of 3rd period

Traktor vs Jokerit post-game press conference.

"It wasn`t an easy game for us. We lost the last period in Astana, 0-5, we had to start the game with it. We played steadily and carefully, in the third period we managed to score a goal. We would have more chaces to score but the Traktor`s goaltender played brilliantly", thinks the head coach of Jokerit Lauri Marjakami

"We had a quite good game. There were moments when Vasily Demchenko kept us in the game. Guys did everything the coaching staff asked for. We lost concentration in the end of the third period for a moment and it cost us a goal. We could have extended the game till the overtime, the game would be different there", says the acting head coach of Traktor Alexei Tertyshny.

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