Alexei Tertyshny: We won thank to playing well in defense and our goalie

Traktor vs Metallurg post-game press conference.

"I would like to congratulate Traktor on the winning, they played well today. The game was similar to the one against Dinamo, when we got a penalty in offence zone and then missed a goal on the penalty kill. The goals are hard for us now. We couldn`t capitalize on the powerplay. We didn`t have many chances to score on the five-on-five game because Traktor played well in defense and they managed to get these two points", thinks Metallurg head coach Josef Jandac.

"First two periods were tight. We played well, our opponent played well. We managed to capitalize on the powerplay and played well on the penalty kill. In the third period Metallurg was more active and they played in our zone. We acted right in defence and our goalie played in a firm way, that`s how we managed to win this game. Especially I`d like to thank all the fans who supported us today. You were our sixth player on the ice!" - says Traktor head coach Alexei Tertyshny.

What happened to Paul Szczechura and Christian Thomas?
"Probably Szczechura will miss the rest of the season. Thomas is in rehab, we think that he will be back after the break. Speaking of the rest of the players who are still on the injury list, it`s hard to say the exact date of their coming back. They do their best to join the team as soon as possible but it`s not yet clear when it happens", answers Alexei Tertyshny.

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