VHL. Igor Znarok: Lost everything

Head coaches comment on Yuzhny Ural vs Chelmet game, 6-0.

"What should I say? We lost one-on-one battles, lost everything, lost in a willingness to win. We had some chances in the first period, if we had scored there, maybe everything would have been different. There were serious errors in defense made by almost every defenseman, we haven`t had such situdations for a long time. We will take care of it, whether it was luck of motivation or a thought that it could be easy after the game in Kurgan," - says the Chelmet head coach Igor Znarok.

"I agree, the beginning wasn`t ours, Chelmet gave us some chances, Denis helped us. Then we scored two goals, it empowered the team a lot and we played the way we played. I wish I could see our team playing this way more often. I would like to thank Denis in particular, he has a shutout. We scored six goals. Congratulations on the winning to all the fans, we were so glad to play with the full standings. Everyone shouted, everyone was so passionate, they cheered the team to win. The players loved it. We were a bit nervous in the beginning, then we came in the game and everything was fine. So I would like to congratulate all the citizens of Orsk on the winning, I think it was a good present on the anniversary," - thinks the Yuzhny Ural head coach Oleg Cherkasov.

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