Alexei Tertyshny: We played till the end and took 2 points

Traktor vs Torpedo post-game press conference.

"I would like to congratulate Traktor on the winning in today game. The game was tight. We led 2-1 then we got unnecessary penalty, the game got broken and Traktor took the initiative. After the penalty they scored a goal when we just had to take the puck out of our zone. And speaking of the third goal, we had to catch the puck, the defensemen had to play another way. And we failed to tie the game," - says the Torpedo head coach David Nemirovsky.

"I agree that the game was tough. The game was tight. In the first period we made a mistake and missed a goal. We had a talk in the locker room and changed a game a bit. We were more active in the second period and we created some good moments and managed to score. In the third period we netted a fast goal that empowered us. Then we tried to focus on defense. Yes, our opponent had some chances to convert but the team and Vasya Demchenko helped. We managed to play till the end and take two points. In particular, I would like to thank the fans who cheered for us greatly today. The Sector A had an anniversary and we are glad to congratulate them on this day in a such way," - comments the Traktor acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny.

"Anton Glinkin was off the ice for one month. When you practice separately from the team, it`s always hard. We gave him an opportunity to play in the forth line, I think that he played well, he was active. In the second period we moved Kravtsov to his line. Now we are waiting for Igor Polygalov, who has already started ice trainings.I think we can expect that he will back to the team for the road trip. Though it`s not easy for us now, but it will be soon," - answered the question about the injured players Alexei Tertyshny.

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