VHL. Igor Znarok: Penalties got us into trouble.

Head coaches comment on HC Sarov vs Chelmet game.

"It feels as if we were sleeping during the first period. Pulling ourself together turned out to be hard though there were some moments to change the score. Penalties got us into trouble. Though guys did their best they didn`t manage to convert chances on 5-minute advantage. Congratulations to the HC Sarov on the win," - says the Chelmet head coach Igor Znarok.

"We had a good game against a strong opponent, we managed to overcome a tough time in the third period. My guys played with great commitment. We had success today due to goalie`s great job and capitalizing on the powerplay. Congratulations to Sarov fans on the first victory in the new year," - comments the HC Sarov head coach Igor Averkin.

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