Steve Thomas: Chrtistian is happy and really enjoys his time here.

Christian Thomas`s father shares his emotions of visiting Chelyabinsk.

What feelings did you have when your son was going to Russia?
Christian had an opportunity to play in the Olympic Games in Korea and I think that having good Olympic Games gave him an opportunity to come here and play. He is really happy and really enjoys his time here in Chelyabinsk. I`m happy to be here, I know that he is doing well. For a father, it`s satisfying

What advice did you give Christian before his coming here?
My best advice was to be focused and play as hard as you could play every game. That`s how you going to be successful. You have to focus and enjoy your teammates but at the same time putting numbers on the board.

What can you say about Chelyabinsk?
My biggest surprise was how passionate are the Traktor`s fans here in Chelyabinsk. It`s beautiful!  As for a player, it`s fun to play in front of a lot of people. They are cheering and waving flags. It`s really nice to watch.

And about Russia?
It`s very cold! I knew that it was going to be cold so I bought a hooded parka and it`s still colder than it is back in Canada.

What do you think about the team? What should they do to improve results<
I think that each and every player comes on ice and thy play as hard as they can. They defend tremendously well. When I was back in Canada I live streamed the games and I noticed that they played a lot in the wrong zone. We have good goaltending here. Maybe they should be a little bit more offensive. The team looks good and they defend really well!

What does Christian tell you about the team and the city?
Christian started this season in Sweden, he played in the team called “Rögle” and he didn`t really enjoy his time there. Christian is having the best time right now with Traktor. He loves it here. He gets along with everybody. That`s type of person he is.  He really enjoys hanging out with Paul Szczechura, Christian truly enjoys his teammates.

What do you know about players from here and Chelyabinsk ice hockey school?
I haven`t played against any of the players here, but there is one player whose name is Evgeny Kuznetsov, he is unbelievable, he is a very good player for Washington. Every time he is on the ice, he makes a difference. The fact that he is a product of Traktor is pretty cool!

Steve Thomas is a British-born Canadian retired ice hockey forward. The winger played 1235 games in the NHL and recorded 421 goals and 512 assists. He win the World Championship with the team of Canada in 1993 and won silver medals in 1991 and 1996.

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