VHL. Igor Znarok: team does their best in memory of Oleg Taskayev

Head coaches comment on HC Ryazan vs Chelmet game, 2-3 OT.

"The game turned out to be good. The team does their best in memory of our passed away team physician. We focused on the game, we realised that we had lost many points and we had to catch it up. We asked the team to be more active in offence and take it easy in defese. Our goalie helped in some moments. Everyone did their best for the win, I`d like to thank them all." - says the Chelmet head coach Igor Znarok.

"We would like to express our condolences for the Chelmet`s team physician death. It`s a big loss for the hockey family. Speaking of the game, our opponent deserved the victory. Traktor outplayed us and it seems that wanted to win more than we did. I think that we played terribly, maybe the team thinks that we already have enough points. We`ll work on it. It`s good that we managed to get even one point."- comments the HC Ryazan head coach Pavel Desyatkov.

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