VHL. Igor Znarok: It seems that it worked.

Head coaches comment on Buran vs Chelmet game, 3-5.

"I think everyone liked the game, it was tight. The second period was all about counter attacks. We paid players` attention to the fact that Buran is good at motion, there are players who can easily score. We focused on serious and offensive hockey. It seems that it worked.It seems that it worked", comments Chelmet head coach Igor Znarok.

"I`m really dissapointed and I`d like to apologize to all the fans. Our game was terrible after the first period, there were some "I", "I wanted", "I thought", "I know", all these "I"s don`t let the team play as they should play. It`s not good as when everyone in the team should be united and do what they are said to do, of course, there is a place for improvisation but it should be in the offence. When it happens in your zone, it`s a total mess. The thing that upsets me most is that there is no team in the league that would be more united and that wanted to get to the play off zone more than we want. If everyone does what they should do and show their skills, then the desired result will be achieved", says Buran head coach Alexander Trofimov.

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