Traktor is 71!

Traktor Ice Hockey club was founded 71 years ago.

Upon the initiative of the director of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant Isaak Zaltsman the first ice hockey team in the Chelyabinsk region and in the city was founded on December 27 of 1947. The team was affiliated to the Voluntary Sport Society of the Dzerzhinets plant. This date is considered to be the starting point of the club`s rich history.  

Traktor had its first game on January 1 of 1948. As part of the tournament of the USSR championship the team played against Torpedo at the home ice of the Dzerzhinets stadium. The home team won 11-2 due to six (!) goals of Petr Chernenko, quadruple by the future olympic champion Viktor Shuvalov, he scored the first goal in the club history, and the goal by Sergei Zahvatov.In two days the opponents have one more game. They top Torpedo 7-4. Viksot Shuvalov made one more quadruple, two goals by Sergei Zahvatov and one goal by Petr Chernenko. 

Lineup of the first team:
Goaltenders: Boris Rebyansky, Mihail Peshkov
Defensemen: Alexander Yaschenko, Viktor Vasilyev (Capitan and playing coach), Sergei Zahvatov, Yevgeny Rogov, Mihail Petrov, Nikolai Yaschenkov
Forwards: Vladimir Shtyrkov, Alexander Ponomarev, Petr Chernenko, Viktor Shuvalov, Nikolai Epstein, Zinoviy Pevzner

Our club has earned silver (2013) and 5 times bronze medals (1977, 1993, 1994, 2012, 2018) of the championat of the country in these years.10 players who started their career at Traktor won the Olympics, those players are Viktor Shuvalov, Sergei Babinov, Seregi Makarov, Sergei Starikov, Vyacheslav Bykov, Sergei Mylnikov, Yevgeny Davydov, Nikita Nesterov, Vyacheslav Voynov and Oleg Znarok who earned the title as the head coach of the national team, 18 players also have world chmpions title.

Happy Birthday to our beloved club!

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