Alexei Tertyshny: Guys did a great job, they fought till the end

Ak Bars vs Traktor post-game press conference

Traktor acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny:
We started badky the first period, the opponent was faster than us.It is obvious that we got some ridiculous goals but it was the consequence of this. We had lots of turnovers in the neutral zone and that`s why we couldn`t attack properly. Guys did a great job. We had a talk during the break, they knew they had 20 more minutes and they fought till the end. They managed to get back to the game but one goal wasn`t enough for us.

Ak Bars head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov:
In my opinion the game missed emotions and drive. It seems that we left a lot in the ga,e against Metallurg. We were nervous because previous game result and it could be easily felt. Guys played on the edge of their emotional strenght. We made mistakes in the third period. Maybe the reason is mental tiredness. The planned result has been achieved, this is the most important. We will fix the rest.

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