Ilya Karpukhin: I`m happy that I have scored in the overtime

Traktor forwards shares his emotions about the first KHL goal and the win over Torpedo.

It was a tight game in the first period. Maybe e had some advenages. In the second period we got some penalty minutes, such moments make you feel less confident. In the tird period the game lasted till the mistake. In the end of the game Ryasensky got a penalty, Petrov was at the bench and we, five defensemen, had to work. It was hard.

You scored your first KHL goal in the overtime.
We had to score earlier. Szczechura and Enlund had chances to score but, unfortunately, something didn`t let them do that. When I ran to the net I just had to shoot. I am happy that I have scored.

Did you know that you would score when you were moving to the net?
No, I didn`t think about it. I looked to the left, there was another player from my team. I thought that if I tried to pass the puck to him, it might not be finished with a goal, so I decided to shot. I scored (smiling).

Why Traktor is the best in the overtimes?
We have fast players and it means a lot in the overtimes.

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