Alexei Tertyshny: We were fortunate in the overtime

Avangard vs. Traktor post-game press conference

Traktor acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny:
It was a hard game. We have already played a home game with Avangard, so we knew the way the team would play. We were preparing to this game. The first period turned out to be tight, the second one we played defensively, our goalie Vasya Demchenko helped. We scored goals but still got a goal into the net before the end of the period. We knew that Avangard will play hard in the third period. It is great that we were fortunate in the overtime.
Avangard head coach Bob Hartley:
Congratulations to Traktor for the win. Offensively we played a very good game. We could have made more shots on the net. We spent lot of time in the offensive zone but  we couldn`t get the quality shots on the net and we basically gave them their three goals. Traktor is a great offensive team with gifted hockey players that once they get a chance, they will not miss it. That`s exactly what happened. We made many mistakes, Traktor made us pay for them and won. 

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