Alexei Tertyshny: Game lasted till scoring a goal

Traktor vs. Dinamo R post-game press conference

Dinamo Riga head coash Girts Ankipāns:
In general, we played well. I thanked the players. In some moments we were stronger than the other team, we spent a lot of time in the Traktor`s zone. Unfortunately, we didn`t manage to score a goal.

Traktor acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny:
In the first period our opponent was stronger. They created lots of moments and lots of traffic. I`m glad that we overcame it and out goaltender, Vasya, helped. In the second and third periods it was a tight game. We had good moments. The game lasted till the scoring. It`s great that we managed to score and win. I`d like to thank all the fans, who supported us during the home games. 

Yegor Dugin didn`t play today. What`s the reason?
It is a roster rotation. We have young players and we want them to have a chance to play. This is the only reason why Yegor missed the game.

What do you think about Alexeyev`s and Karpukhnin`s perfomance?
I can say only poisitive things. Probably the players aren`t that young. We give them chance to play, they don`t miss it. We will be glad if they continue to play, to improve their game and help the team.

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