Traktor Day

Traktor showed backstage life during the November break

On the November national team break Traktor gave to the fans Traktor Day. The main feature of the day is a chance to see the backstage of the games.

20 employees of the Gazpromneft LTD had a chance to feel the hockey atmosphere. All the questions about club history, medals and cups, Traktor ice rink, shows before the game, locker rooms and and many others were answered during the excursion on November 8.

The main surprise was the game with the players of Traktor. The fans who came to the Traktor Day played with Alexander Rybakov, Dmitry Alexeyev, Sergei Mylnikov, Vladislav Sukhachyov, Ryan Stoa, Jonas Enlund, Marsel Sholokhov, Alexander Sharov and Nick Bailen. The team mascot the White Bear was the linesman.

After an emptional game and lots of surprises all the fans got memorable presents. "We are so excited! It was a big surprise to see some players on ice and such a great luck to play with them and score! We had an interesting excursion in the rink. Wish all the luck and victories to the team!" said one of the fans.

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