Alexei Tertyshny: Power play has worked today

Traktor vs. Spartak post-game press conference

Spartak acting head coach Igor Ulanov:

Congratulation to Traktor on the winning. As for Spartak, we didn`t prepare. Traktor scored three timed, we failed the 1st period. In the 2nd period the game equalized. Probably lots of penalties affected our playing as well. Some players didn`t have game in mind. Traktor is known as disciplined and well-organised team who doesn`t allow at home games. We couldn`t break this wall. 

Traktor acting head coach Alexei Tertyshny:

Thank you for congratulations. We had good first period, the team scored three times. Our power play has worked today though it wasn`t successful last games. Probably that`s the reazon for such a result. Team played good on the penalty kill, it`s great. In the third period we tried to play defensively and we managed to do that. Congratulations to the players and fans on the winning!

What`s your opinion on Yegor Dugin debut game?
Yegor played well. Though he got a microtrauma, he played till the end of the game. I`m not sure whether it`s a serious trauma and whether he is going to the away games with the team. He is going to have MRI today and tomorrow everything will be clear. His coming to the team is a great help for us, we have a lot of injured players.

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