Battle reserve

Traktor played with reserve roster at the preseason tournament and lost in overtime.

Because of the schedule conflict Traktor started Romazan Memorial with players from the reserve. Team played under the coaching of Oleg Davydov. The core of the team in this was composed mainly from Chelmet and young players, who played in Pajulahti.

Sibir brought to Magnitogorsk more experienced roster and it factored in the first period, in which team from Novosibitsk made 13 shots on the net and Traktor only 2. One of the pucks fired on the net passed over Vladislav Sukhachyov – 0:1. However in the second period the game became even and Traktor even played on powerplay 4 minutes in a row. Team from Chelyabinsk started to threat Alexander Salak’s net regularly. In the third period the picture remained the same. Anyway Traktor couldn’t score until the end of the 20-minutes span. Oleg Davydov substituted goalie for the sixth skater and it lead it to the goal – 1:1. Traktor survived but conceded in overtime, 1:2


TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk vs SIBIR Novosibirsk – 1:1 (0:1, 0:0, 1:0) ot 0:1
Levitskiy 3 (0:1), Zinovyev (Alexeev, Sholokhov) 60 (1:1), Sharov (Bergstrem) 64 (1:2)

Sukhachyov (Empty net)
Isayev – Zhuldikov, Penkovsky – Sharov – Kravtsov;
Mamayev – Klimontov, Bezrukov – Sholokhov – Zinovyev;
Petrikov – Alexeev, Mosharov – Tridchikov – Sentyurin;
Karpukhin – Shepelev, Podkorytov – Shipin – Tarasov.

Polasek – Belyakov, Levitskiy – Zachrisson – Bergstrem;
Naumov – Vereschagin, Sopin – Sharov – Sannikov;
Alexeev – Ignatovich, Yakovlev – Konkov – Sigaryov;
Demidov, Pervyshin – Zemchenko –Pervushin;

12th of August, 2017. Magnitogorsk. Arena “Metallurg”

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