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In the fourth game of preseason tournament in Kazakhstan Traktor won the game against Davos.

Coaching staff of Traktor included two new players in the lineup against Davos. However two first lines remained unchanged. In the third – Alexander Shinin was paired with Evgeny Petrikov, for whom this game was first on the tournament. In the fourth Alexei Petrov and Nikita Zhuldikov was substituted for Danil Mamaev and Konstantin Klimontov, Marsel Sholokho gave his place in the lineup to Sergey Sentyurin. Vasily Demchenko took his place in the net.

All the game it was Traktor who controlled the situation. The result was determined in the first period when Paul Szcechura scored twice on assists from Linus Videll and Nick Bailen. Between two Canadian goals Vitaly Kravtsov added one more. Davos managed to answer with only once and Traktor easily grabbed the victory.


TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk vs DAVOS Switzerland – 3:1 (3:0, 0:1, 0:0)
Szczechura (Videll) 9 (1:0), Kravtsov (Chernikov) 16 (2:0), Szczechura (Bailen) 20 (3:0 – pp.), Kousal (Ambuhl) 35 (3:1 – pp.)

Bailen – Vishnevsky, Penkovsky – Polygalov – Videll;
Koltsov – Borodkin, Sharov – Szczechura – Yakutsenya;
Shinin – Petrikov, Chernikov – Rybakov – Yuri Petrov;
Mamayev – Klimontov, Bezrukov – Tridchikov – Sentyurin;

Pascho – Schneeberger, Little – Corvi – Simion;
Rampazzi – Heldner, Kousal – Weitzer – Ambuhl;
Kindshie – Grossniclaus, Dino Wieser – Eglie – Gregory;
Forrer – Pascal, Mauro – Aeshlmann – Mark Wieser;
Barandun, Portman.

10th of August, 2017. Astana, Kazakhstan.

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