Summer hockey

Traktor lost to Avangard in the second game of preseason Tournament in Kazakhstan.

Traktor’s coaching staff made for changes in the lineup. Konstantin Klimontov, Denis Mosharov and Sergei Sentyurin were out of the roster, and Igor Isayev, Marsel Sholokhov and Ilya Zinovyev were added to the lineup. Goalie Pavel Francouz were substituted for Vasily Demchenko.

The game turned out to be more stagnant and less emotional than the day before. Traktor was active and initiative in the first half of the game. The team from Chelyabinsk had plenty of opportunities on powerplay, but didn’t manage to score. Then it was Avangard’s turn to dictate the terms. They thrive on moment and scored – Ansel Galimov made it 0:1. Traktor tried to even the game and finished the third period with six skaters on ice. But it was Avangard who made a final move – Ansel Galimov didn’t miss the empty net – 0:2.


TRAKTOR Chelyabinsk vs AVANGARD Omsk – 0:2 (0:0, 0:1, 0:1)
Galimov (Stas) 34 (0:1), Galimov (Osipov) 60 (0:2)

Demchenko (58:38 – 59:47 – empty net)
Bailen – Vishnevsky, Penkovsky – Polygalov – Videll;
Koltsov – Borodkin, Sharov – Szczechura – Yakutsenya;
Shinin – Mamayev, Chernikov – Rybakov – Yuri Petrov;
Alexei Petrov – Isayev, Zinovyev – Sholokhov – Tridchikov;

Gustafson – Martynov, Everberg – Sundstrom – Lemtyugov;
Medvedev – Mineev, Mikheev – Pyanov – Kugryshev;
Berezin – Lisov, Galimov – Stas – Koshelev;
Osipov – Dervuk, Faizullin – Fischenko – Khokhryakov;
Manukyan, Zhukenov

7th of August, 2017. Astana, Kazakhstan.

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