Call us GenerationT

Traktor presents the logo of the 2017/2018 season.

In 1947 the head of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant Isaac Saltzman signed an order. He created an ice hockey team on the base of the football team. In late forties the rink near the factory was built. It was an open field and from that moment ice hockey became the most popular sport in the city. The number of fans was so big that the team administration had to put up fence around the ice and resort to the services of police. As a result Isaac Saltzman ordered to build stands around the rink with capacity of 9000 people. However the number of fans was bigger, they occupied nearby trees, roofs and balconies. Ice hockey united the whole city – fans and players became an organism, became GenerationT.

#GenerationT – community, which appeared 70 years ago along with the team. T is for Tankograd, Traktor, Traditions and Team.

The logo of the 2017/2018 season was inspired be the legendary emblem of 1975, which was drown out by tractor plant design bureau. With this emblem on jerseys ice hockey club Traktor won its first medals – bronze of the championship-1977. Last year this emblem was chosen by the fans of Traktor as the best in club’s history.

GenerationT logo is formed with following elements: letter “T”, shield and the word “Generation”. “T” is painted in a form of the vector, which shows the direction of attack. Shield is a symbol of defense and goaltender between the pipes. “Generation”, it is a notion that unites fans and ice hockey club Traktor, the most well-known brand of Chelyabinsk region. Official slogan of 2017/2018 season – “Generation is the power”. 

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