Game Day. Admiral at Traktor preview.
12 October 2019 | Admiral

The team from Vladivostok won three games in a row.

Happy Birthday, Artyom!
11 October 2019 | Artyom Borodkin

Defenseman of the Traktor organization celebrates his 28 birthday.

Kosov: It doesn`t matter who scored the goals as long as we win
09 October 2019 | Yaroslav Kosov

Yaroslav Kosov comments on the game results.

Kosov scores two goals for Traktor in win against Dynamo Moscow
09 October 2019 | Dynamo Moscow

Vasily Demchenko made 39 saves.

Traktor vs Dynamo Moscow. Lineups
09 October 2019 | Dynamo Moscow

Peteris Skudra has made a few changes after facing Avtomobilist Ekaterinburg.

Game day. Trakor hosts Dynamo Moscow
09 October 2019 | Dynamo Moscow

Dynamo Moscow lost 4 out of 5 last games.

3-0 loss to Avtomobilist
07 October 2019 | Avtomobilist

Traktor didn`t get any points after the game against Avtomobilist.

Avtomobilist vs Traktor. Lineups
07 October 2019 | Avtomobilist

Peteris Skudra hasn`t changed the lineup after the previous win in Saint Petersburg.

Happy Birthday, Maxim!
07 October 2019 | Maxim Shabanov

Forward of the Traktor organization Maxim Shabanov celebrates his 19th birthday.

Traktor beats SKA, 2-1
05 October 2019 | SKA

Previous win for the Traktor team in Saint Petersburg took place in 2011.

SKA vs Traktor. Lineups
05 October 2019 | SKA

Vasily Demchenko and Lukas Sedlak are back!

Traktor falls to Dinamo Minsk in away game
03 October 2019 | Dinamo Minsk

Eight goals were scored in the game.

Dinamo Minsk vs Traktor. Lineups
03 October 2019 | Dinamo Minsk

Demid Mansurov will have his first KHL game.

Game Day. Traktor at Dinamo Minsk
03 October 2019 | Traktor

For the first time in the season Traktor had an opportunity to have a little rest between the games.

Traktor heads to away games in Minsk, Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg
02 October 2019 | Traktor

26 players will do their best to help the team.