Hall of history

"65 years long hockey way" history hall exposition was launched according to chronological method since the team was formed (December 27th, 1947) and up to so-called Belousov period (season 2010-2011).

As a sport game contemporary hockey with puck was originated in Canada. The report about this new form of game came to Chelyabinsk in the middle 1940s. That time the youth came to proceed the building of tractor factory. Sport life of the factory was going on in the CTF garden (the Victory garden) where football, hockey ball and other games were played. Tractor's factory principal Isaac Salzmann adapted the football team to the hockey one, sent factory's section head for the trainer courses and finally on the 27th of December 1947 he signed the command to form the team "Dzerzhinets". "Dzerzhinets-Avangard" exposition introduces photographs of the first players, elements of the outfits, pamphlet for the game of 1949, ticket for one of the first games of Avangard against the GDR, receiving radio which used to broadcast matches away from the country for thousands fans within it, verification card and personals of team's defender Vladimir Murashov.

In the end of 1940s on the seventh CTF district, where temporary the Traktor school is located, the ice rink was built which became the place of high importance for the tractor builders. Salzmann commanded to erect wooden fencing and tribunes. Stadium installation of the middle of last century is demonstrated in the museum: first Derzhinets goalkeeper Boris Rebyansky keeping the goal on the ice field, author of the first puck in the Major league leading forward in the club's history Georgy Zhenishek while attacking. Also there is a schedule placed with the results of the USSR championship for the first time for the Dzerzhinets, and portraits of those thanks to whom the team was built up and was developing then and who devoted most of their lives to Chelyabinsk Traktor.

Museum's section "Traktor" - 1958-1976" tells about team's return to the Major league. In 1977 Traktor's hockey players got on the podium for the first time ever. It was Anatoly Kostryukov to lead the team to the Bronze medals. The following are represented on the exposition: hockey players' away-portfolios, Gennady Tsigurov's personal record, pamphlets of the 1976-1977 seasons, game moments caught on the photographs, Gold medal of the Youth World championship and Bronze medal of the 31st USSR championship, hockey stick signed by the first bronze winners in Chelyabinsk hockey history.

The boundary between 1970s and 1980s is performed with photographs signed, private things, game sticks and Chelyabinsk hockey legendary players' iceskates. During that years future CHL trainers Oleg Znarok, Andrey Sidorenko and Vyacheslav Bikov were playing in the Traktor team. As for the thematic exposition sections, they are about the second "bronze" Traktor's epoch of 1990s. The hall of fans' and visitors' history greets with the first mascot which is a white bear first appeared on ice of the "Yunost" sports palace.

In the 2006 "white-and-black" reverted to the Russian hockey elite. This story about a great comeback is illustrated on the "Traktor" 1994-2006" stand.

On the Traktor hockey club's Glory wall placed the portraits of trainers and players about whom not only South Ural feels proud about but the whole post-soviet union. Amidst them there are pupils of Chelyabinsk hockey and Traktor's hockey players who won either Olympics or World championship medals. The separate stand is dedicated to the home Chelyabinsk club's arenas.

Besides, there's a place for the Memory wall with autographs and thoughts towards the oldest Chelyabinsk team's soviet hockey legend - Moscow club's veterans who had been playing throughout years making decades against "Traktor".

Temporary exhibitions are organized in the historical hall: thematic Olympics textiles collections, Kaslinsk's casting, porcelain and valuable coins from private completists' collections. In August 2015 memory stands were made for Valery Belousov and Valery Karpov, their personal sportmen decorations, jerseys, cups, family photographs. Chelyabinsk golden work-room of a dream for a trainer is reconstructed.