Club history

Club's achievements:

1973 - Splenger Cup final

1973 - USSR Cup final

1977  - USSR championship Bronze medals

1993 - International hockey league Bronze medals

1994 - International hockey league Bronze medals

1994 - International hockey Cup league Bronze medals

2012 - Continent Cup

2012 - Gagarin Cup Bronze medals

2013 - Gagarin Cup Silver medals

Club's history

Hockey club "Traktor" was founded in 1947 on the Chelyabinsk Tractor factory. It used to have "Dzerzhinets" name on the country championships (since 1948 to 1953) and Avangard (since 1954 to 1958). The "Traktor" name the club had got since 1958/1959 season.

Chelyabinsk had its debut on the country superiority on the 1st January 1948, when they took a part in the teams' second group tournament. The result of the first season was to have a right to perform in the first group. The 12th of December 1948 was a debut day in the Major League for Chelyabinsk Dzerzhinets. The first team's competitor was country's champion HC CSKA Moscow. It was Georgy Zhenishek to be the first to score in the Major League. And the topscorer's name was after Viktor Shuvalov in the first season, who consequently played in the National USSR team.

In the 1950s Sergey Zahvatov was the first in Chelyabinsk to become an honored USSR trainer (and he was the fourth to deserve it in the Soviet hockey time).

In the season 1954/1955 "Avangard" took the fourth place in the elite league for the first time. The season 1961/1962 was the first time for "Traktor" to win the renowned CSKA. Seasons 1965/1966 - 1967/1968 "Traktor" played in the second group. Only then trainers Viktor Stolyarov and Viktor Sokolov returned the team to the first group.

Seventies had become the gold epoch in the Soviet history of "Traktor". In 1973 the team got through and came to be in the final of USSR cup. On the 6th of September 1973 in the overcrowded Luzhniki stadium Albert Danilov's team played with CSKA. In the fight with the eminent competitor Chelyabinsk team even led the score with 2:0, but lost 2:5. Afterwards the team was being trained by honored USSR couch Anatoly Kostryukov during 4 seasons. In the season 1976/1977 Kostryukov for the first time in club's history prompted "Traktor" to bronze rewards.

Three Chelyabinsk "Traktor" hockey players on the boundary of 70-80s became world champions and were directly engaged in the USSR national team from "Traktor": attacker Sergey Makarov (world championship'78), defenders Sergey Starikov (world championship'79) and Nikolay Makarov (world championship'81). Sergey Starikov and Sergey Makarov won over a decade of gold rewards each in the USSR team on the World and European championships, Olympic Games. Traktor's goalie Sergey Milnikov was called the best in the country and in 1988 he became an Olympic champion in Calgary, then in 1986, 1989, 1990 three-times world champion.

The next golden epoch in the club's history started in the beginning of nineties. Under the guidance of the top attackers in Traktor's history Valery Belousov the team became country bronze winner two times in a row in 1993 and 1994 and then won the bronze of the MHL cup. Moreover, 5 Traktor hockey players got the dignity of the world champions in 1993, they were: goalie Andrey Zuev, defender Andrey Sapozhnikov, attackers Konstantin Astrahantsev, Igor Varitsky and Valery Karpov. Back then no one could suppose it's the last taste of glory on the world arena for long fourteen years and only in 2008 Russia would be champion again. It was Traktor's hockey student Vyacheslav Bikov to lead Russian national team to this title on the world championship'08. The next year was as triumphant, Bikov could win world's contest with the gold in his hands again.

In 1994 six Traktor hockey players took a part in the Olympics'94 in Norwegian Lillehammer: goalie Andrey Zuev, defenders Oleg Davidov and Sergey Tertishny, attackers Igor Varitsky, Valery Karpov and Ravil Gusmanov. However Russia took merely the fourth position.

Since the season of 1995 "Traktor" was at a low ebb. In the 1998/1999 seasons the team left the super-league. As it turned out to be later - for endless 7 years. In the 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 seasons "Traktor" was desperately striving to get through the super-league twice. And only in the 2005/2006 seasons the mission was completed. Gennady Tsigurov's team masterfully won back the whole season and in the semi-final streak won over "Dizelist" from Penza, thus officially having returned to the super-league.

Since the 2006/2007 season "Traktor" is writing its contemporary history. In the first championship after returning from the Major league, Gennady Tsigurov's team auspiciously succeeded to save the place in the Russian elite hockey.

In the very next year club's direction placed a bet on young Andrey Nazarov, who later on became the 20th main trainer in Traktor's history. Thanks to Nazarov's correspondence right in the first year from the 14th position in the regular championship the team went into the play-off for the first time after 10 years. In 2008 "Traktor" became competent CHL participant and again broke through to be in the play-off, that time from a higher position of 12th.

In the 2008/2009 season another significant event for Chelyabinsk hockey had happened. On January 17th in 2009 the "Traktor arena" which can hold 7500 persons was opened. In the debut meeting in the new palace "black and white" played with their essential competitor Magnitogorsk "Metallurg" and won with the score 3:2. All in all, Chelyabinsk team got the 12th place and in their first Gagarin cup in the 1/8 final having conceded Moscow region "Atlant".

Season 2009/2010 was far from an easy one. Two reputable leaders left the team and "Traktor" had a thin time to fight for the play-off, but this mission was successfully completed by Andrey Nazarov's team. In the second Gagarin Cup match there was the same Magnitogorsk team standing against ours. Having yielded two guest matches, Chelyabinsk team snatched the victory in the third overtime match with the score 2:1. Although the next day the luck was for "Metallurg" hockey players, as they went on into the play-off.

The middle season seemed to be twisting for "Traktor". After Andrey Nazarov Andrey Sidorenko took the position of the main trainer in April, having worked not even for a half of the year. On the 8th of October 2010 the event of a great historical significance had happened. The main "Traktor" trainer became Valery Belousov. The best Russian trainer's farewelling with the native club lasted over 15 years. It happened to be impossible to lead the team to the play-off during the first year. "Traktor" ended the championship on the 9th place and and season 2011/2012 next to different team started.

In the middle season the club improved much, fans had every right to await best results from the team. Right from the superiority start "Traktor" took the position in the highest rank of overall League table, was leading for long and in the end finished Regular CHL match 2011/2012 as a winner, having won 39/54 matches and having won Continental cup. His merited honor got Valery Belousov too. According to the Russian Federation hockey Executive Committee made a decision Traktor's mentor was moved into the Russian hockey Honor Hall.

In the first Gagarin Cup'12 round "black and white" didn't undergo many problems in the streak with Hanti-Mansysk "Yugra", having won  in all 5 encounters. Though the third game will always remain in hearts of fans and specialists, the guest game. Before the final period "Traktor" was behind with  2:6, but eventually snatched the moment to win with 7:6  during the main time. The next competitor was "Ak Bars" from Kazan. This very streak was one of the most engaging ones in the play-off, myriads traumas, 50 minute long overtime in the 5th game and overall Traktor's victory with the 4:2 score. Then conference's final. Bronze medals guaranteed. The "Avangard". Having won the first encounter, Valery Belousov's team lost 4 following games and stepped back from the threshold of the final. The step which then was made in 2012/2013 season. The step which was first made after 18 years of silence to become country's champions again. In the 2012/2013 season "Traktor" did its best throughout the whole club's history. Regular championship was completed with 98 scores from 52 encounters which was the 5th place in the overall League's table and the third place in the Eastern Conference. In the first Gagarin cup's round "black and white" conquered "Baris" from Astana after 7 oppressive games and in the Eastern's middle-final crushed "Avangard" from Omsk flat, having conceded only in one streak's game with the 4:1. There was "Ak Bars" from Kazan awaiting "Traktor" in the conference's final. Losing with  1:3 Valery Belousov's team was able to snatch the victory, having delivered the crucial puck on the last minute of the 7th guest match. Then "Dinamo" was waiting to meet in the final. As a result, the Moscow won the streak with 4:2 and "Traktor" got Silver medals in country's superiority for the first  time in its history.

After two such lucky seasons, in the 2013/2014 CHL Championship "black and white" couldn't play the same way, the way they were expected to play. Merely 3 scores separated "Traktor" from the play-off and with 75 points out of 54 matches our team was brought to a halt before Gagarin cup. The 19th position in the overall table was after the club.

The middle season'14 became some kind of significant for "Traktor". The team was first led by a Finnish foreigner  Karri Kivi. It can be hardly said this experiment was successful. On the 22 of October 2014 well-known Andrey Nikolishin occupied trainer's position. That moment the team wasn't getting into the play-off and risked to be Gagarin cup's outsiders. However Nikolishin was able to bring discipline to the team and get into the second championship's stage.  "Traktor" was on the 7th place in the Eastern rankings and then met with "Siberia" in the first round. The streak turned out to be spectacular and according to its results the competitors went on, winning with the 4:2 score.