• 1972 Spengler Cup Final
  • 1973 USSR Cup Final
  • 1977 USSR Championship, Bronze Medalists
  • 1993 International Hockey League, Bronze Medalists
  • 1994 International Hockey League, Bronze Medalists
  • 2012 - Winner of the Cup of the Continent
  • 2012 - Kontinental Hockey League, Bronze Medalists


Traktor was founded in 1947 at Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. The team had different names throughout its history Dzerzhinets (1948-1953), Avangard (1954-1958), carrying its present name from 1958/1959 season.

Traktor made its debut in USSR championship on January 1, 1948, playing in League B. In the very first championship Traktor earned the right to play in League A, debuting against the then champion CDKA on December 12, 1948. Georgy Zhenishek scored the first Traktors goal in League A while Viktor Shuvalov (future USSR team player) became the teams top scorer in the first season in top echelon.

Sergey Zakhvatov became the first ever Traktors representative and the fourth man in Soviet Union to receive the USSR Honored Coach.

In 1954/1955 season Traktor finished 4th in overall standings. Season 1961/1962 was special for the team as they defeated the-then dominant CSKA. In 1965 Traktor was relegated, playing in League B until 1968 when the team returned in top division under the stewardship of coaches Viktor Stolyarov and Viktor Sokolov.

1970s was theTraktors golden era as the team made it to the USSR Cup final in 1973. On September 6, 1973 the capacity crowd in Luzhniki saw Traktor prevailing 2-0 at some point over CSKA, but eventually lose 2-5. After that Traktor was headed for four seasons by USSR Honored Coach Anatoly Kostryukov. It was the 1976/1977 that Traktor won its first USSR Championship bronze medals.

Three Traktors players became world champions in 1970-1980s forward Sergey Makarov (1978), defensemen Sergey Starikov (1979) and Nikolay Makarov (1981). The first two also won a dozen of titles each, including World Cup, European Championship and Olympics gold. Traktors goalie Sergey Mylnikov was named the best goalie in USSR Championship. Mylnikov also became Olympic champion in Calgary in 1988 and the world champion on three occasions in 1986, 1989 and 1990.

Next prominent period in Traktors history was the beginning of 1990s when the team, headed by one of the best forwards in Traktors history, Valery Belousov, won IHL bronze medals for two consecutive years in 1993 and 1994. Besides that, five Traktors own players (goalie Andrey Zuev, defender Andrey Sapozhnikov, forwards Konstantin Astrakhantsev, Igor Varitsky and Valery Karpov) became world champions in 1993. Back then no one could ever imagine that Russia would win the world title only after 15-year hiatus in 2008 when Traktors hockey school alumnus Vyacheslav Bykov led the national team to victory. Year after team Russia with Bykov still at the helm emerged victorious again.

At 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer six players from Traktor (goalie Andrey Zuev, defensemen Oleg Davydov and Sergey Tertyshny, forwards Igor Varitsky, Valery Karpov and Ravil Gusmanov) were included in national teams roster. Russias team was fourth in the Olympic hockey tournament.

1995 was the year when Traktor began to suffer from crisis. In 1998/1999 season the team was relegated, and this time it took seven years to come back. In 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 seasonsTraktor tried to make its way to the Superleague, but to no avail. It was the 2005/2006 season that Traktor successfully accomplished its return, marching through regular season and defeating Dizelist in semifinals to book the spot in the Superleague.

From 2006 starts the newest period of Traktors history. In the first season after return to the top division the team managed to maintain the place in the elite league.

Year after, in 2007, young Andrey Nazarov became Traktors head coach. Nazarov was the 20th head coach in teams history. Under Nazarovs stewardship Traktor successfully made it to the playoffs (for the first time in 10 years), finishing 14th in the regular season. In 2008 when KHL was established, Traktor again was in playoffs, this time climbing as high as 12th place. 2008/2009 season was also marked by the opening of the new Traktor Arena that could hold 7500 spectators (January 17, 2009). In the very first match at the brand new arena Traktor took on Metallurg Magnitogorsk, defeating the visitors 3-2. Even though appearing in the playoffs, Traktor lost to Atlant at 1/8.

2009/2010 season didnt go so smoothly. Established leaders left the team, and Traktor had to do its utmost to secure the place in the playoffs, eventually accomplishing this task. In the first round of playoffs Traktor had to face Magnitka again. Having come off second best in first two games, Traktor hung on the series winning the third match 2-1 (OT) at Traktor Arena, but the very next day Metallurg vanquished the home team and advanced to the next round.

2010 interseason was seemingly a turning point in Traktors history. In April Nazarov left for Vityaz, and Andrey Sidorenko became the new head coach. After almost half a year the truly historical event took place as Valery Belousov signed the contract to replace Sidorenko as the head coach. Belousovs and Traktors paths had diverged for more than 15 years. First season, however, was not as successful as everyone expected it to be Traktor failed to get into playoffs, finishing 9th in the Eastern Conference. Renewed Traktor began 2011/2012 season...

The club became considerably stronger during the interseason, so, the fans were looking forward to grand results. From the very first matches Traktor got a grip at the top of the Leagues table and, after its long domination, the team ended 2011/2012 KHL regular Season at the top of the leaderboard and received the Continental Cup having won 39 games out of 54. By the decision of executive committee of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia, Traktors head coach Valery Belousov was given his just reward he was inducted into Russian Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

The first round of 2012 Gagarin Cup caused no trouble for Traktor. In its series of matches with Yugra Khany-Mansiysk Chelyabinsk team defeated its opponent four times. However, all fans and experts will forever remember the third match of the series that Traktor played in Khanty-Mansiysk. By the end of the second period the score was 2:6 for Yugra, but Traktor still managed to snatch a victory scoring 7:6 by the end of the match. Ak Bars Kazan was South Urals team next opponent for the series which turned out to be one of the most noteworthy in the play-off. It was marked by multiple injuries, 50-minute overtime in the fifth match and an overall victory of Traktor 4:2. Then came the Conference Finals; bronze medals were guaranteed. Avangard Omsk caved in just once and then four times defeated Valery Belousovs team not letting it take that last step to Gagarin Cup Finals. That step to become a sure winner Traktor will take in 2012/2013 season, a step which will make the team countrys Champion for the first time in 18 years.