Let me introduce myself, Linus Videll

Profile of Traktor newcomer in his own words.

Linus Videll at his 32 years has rich experience of playing in two league and 4 countries. In 2011 he arrived in KHL. Later Linus will say that coming to Russia was his best decision and thats his way of exploring world by meeting new people and facing new challenges. Now he is a Traktor player and he will tell about himself with his own words.


I scored a bunch of nice goals in my career. More points came with the help of assists, but if I scored goals there were pretty nice. The best is from the last playoffs against Metallurg. I went almost coast to coast. I understood what I was doing and I liked that goal even before I saw replay. But when I saw it on the replay I was surprised how good it looked. This one against Metallurg was a little bit nicer than the others. It was an amazing feeling, besides it was the first playoff KHL goal in China. So it was special in two ways. By the way, before signing with Chelyabinsk I didnt know that Metallurg is the greatest rival. I knew that its a short distance between Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg and Magnitogorsk, but I didnt know who was the rival. Now its clear for me, in which game it is especially principle to win.


It has to be one goal I scored when I played in second league in Sweden. It was qualification to go up to the highest league. I scored really important goal, and we ended up in the top tier. It was the most significant goal I scored, and it happened when I was 21. Today it is even hard to find that goal in the internet, maybe somewhere under dust on a DVD-disk. The game I scored finished 1-2 in OT, we lost to their home team, but these points were crucial in our promotion.


There are two of them. One was when my team won the U16 championship in Sweden. Another was after that ten games of qualification to the highest league. These are the brightest moments in my career. In Sweden to get a promotion is really hard. That year I had a really good season (54 points in 55 games), was a big part of that team.


Two years ago when I bought a house in Sweden, the real estate agent messed up the papers. So I also became the owner of Swedish oldest castle. I wont disclose the owner, because for him there was no fun in that situation. I can only say he is an entrepreneur and in the real estate business. He also built our house. When we were signing the papers to buy our land, everything went wrong. So instead of just buying the piece of land, where our house should be built, we ended up getting the castle and all the land around it.If we would have wanted to keep the castle, we could do it. And no one could have done anything about it, but we thought that that would have been wrong. Luckily the procedure of giving the castle back wasn't too hard. It took about a month. You know, in Sweden it's really easy to get someone else properties.


Vadim Shipachev. He is such a smart player, he can create a moment for from nothing and you will have so much time. He always knew where I am, where and when to pass the puck. He sees ice so well. A lot of times it didnt seem to be so quick on the ice, but when he needed to he accelerated the play with a few moves. He has so good vision. I hope he will play in NHL at the same high level as in KHL. Hopefully, he will cope with the physicality of the American hockey. Thats the only thing I worry about him. When Panarin went over I was hundred percent sure in his success, because he was so quick. Shipa is not as quick so that it might be a problem. But I hope he will find the way. And in world championship he proved that he can do really good. I think he is going to be successful.


When I was growing up, my favorite player was Mats Sundin. Nowadays Im really impressed by Connor McDavid, he is already an all-star player. He plays a spectacular hockey and very skilled. He can be as good as Wayne Gretzky. He is only twenty. If he wanted, he could play U20 World Championship last season. Its crazy.

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