2017 Asha Railroad Accident Memorial Tournament. Results of day 4

Traktor-2005 obliterated Belarus Yunost-2005 to continue without a single defeat.

TRAKTOR-2005 vs. YUNOST-2005 13:1 (5:0, 3:1, 5:0)
Traktor goals: 
Koloyarov 2, Telegin 2, Tuyev 2, Kuzmin 2, Nizamayev, Samokhvalov, Adamov, Yusupov, Karev.

Today, Traktor will face Severstal in the game that will determine the winner of the tournament.

Asha Railroad Accident Memorial Tournament
April 11-15, 2017, Traktor Ice Palace
Tournament schedule and results (Chelyabinsk time)

April 11
Yunost vs. Ak Bars 0:7
Severstal vs. Metallurg 7:4
Traktor vs. Sibir 8:1

April 12
Severstal vs. Yunost 7:3
Sibir vs. Ak Bars 7:3
Traktor vs. Metallurg 4:0

April 13
Sibir vs. Severstal 1:5
Metallurg vs. Yunost 4:3 SO
Traktor vs. Ak Bars 9:2

April 14
Metallurg vs. Sibir 2:5
Ak Bars vs. Severstal 4:7
Traktor vs. Yunost 13:1

April 15
09:45. Sibir vs. Yunost
11:45. Ak Bars vs. Metallurg
14:15. Traktor vs. Severstal All news


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