Anvar Gatiyatulin: we wanted to bring the series back to Chelyabinsk

Press conference after game 6.

Anvar Gatiyatulin. Traktor head coach:
First off, I want to thank our loyal fans for their tremendous support throughout the season. Weve been doing our best to make them happy, and tonights game was no exception, because we wanted to bring the series back to Chelyabinsk. Power play was and still is one of our major problems, and so is the inability to convert scoring chances. Congratulations to Barys and good luck!

Eduard Zankovets, Barys head coach:

I would like to thank Traktor for a great series. It truly was between two equally good teams, and this series was won thanks to little things. As far as tonights game goes, Traktor was way better in the first period, we dominated the second and managed to keep ourselves in the lead for the entire third period. When the D could not do their job, Karlsson saved us.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Can you give some comments on Jiri Novotny and his season?
He joined Traktor in December, and in these three months he has been able to prove to everyone that he is one of our key players.

Question to both coaches: Before the playoffs, many experts thought that the Barys-Traktor series would the most unpredictable pairing. Do you think this turned out to be true?
I think so, yeah. As I said earlier, both teams were evenly matched, and power play and ability to score was the main factor.
Zankovets: I think it was predictable in a sense that all the games would be very-very tough, and this was exactly like everyone thought it would be.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Why did Traktor perform poorly on the power play tonight?
Players were in a hurry and not courageous enough to take responsibility in finishing stages of attacks.
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