Anvar Gatiyatulin: we started off too cautious

Press conference after game 5.

Eduard Zankovets, Barys head coach:
I think we had a good start of the game. Then in the second period, we got several penalties which made the game a lot tougher. As far as the OT goes, our goalie kept us in the game, and the winning goal was all about St. Pierre and his skill.

Anvar Gatiyatulin, Traktor head coach:
We had a cautious start of the game. After that, however, we created great scoring chances, but did not convert many of them, and that is why we lost.

Question to Zankovets: Is Boyd fine?
Zankovets: Hes still alive, thats all that matters. I think well get some info tomorrow.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Did the players lose focus when Barys scored their first goal of the game?
Gatiyatulin: Two players attacked one, some space got cleared up. Well try to avoid this kind of mistakes from here on in.

Question to Gatiyatulin: For the last two games, at least one goal was scored by defensemen? What
s wrong with the forwards?
Gatiyatulin: I think its all about the grind near the net and confidence in the closing moments of the attacks.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Any comments on Derek Roy?
Gatiyatulin: Its still early to make any comments; well see when the season ends. We are one, and we want to win, but it doesnt happen all the time.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Is Belov injured?
GatiyatulinYes he is.

Question to Gatiyatulin: What did Paul Szczechura lack when he had a scoring chance in the overtime?
Gatiyatulin: I think he lacked confidence and a cold head.

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