Barys @ Traktor 1:2 OT, press-conference after game 4

Here are the highlights of this press conference.

Anvar Gatiyatulin, Traktor head coach:
- First of all, I would like to thank our fans for their support. They finally managed to get to Astana despite bad weather. As far as the game goes, every previous game was tough, and this one was no exception. We are happy to returnto Chelyabinsk with the score tied.

Why so many penalties? Making comments on the officiating is not the prerogative of coaches we prepare the team for hockey games. Everyone wants to win in the playoffs, and different things happen on the ice; I wouldnt say we are too stiff or anything its just that the postseason is way too different from the regular season. We dont try to hurt anybody on purpose, thats for sure.

Koltsov didnt let the team down; he just lost focus, thats all.

Eduard Zankovets, Barys head coach:
- The first period was evenly matched, then Traktor looked better in the second, and we won the third one. We had some scoring chances late in the game but could not break the tie. So, series is tied at two, and we now have to prepare for game 5.

Francouz was pretty good tonight, and Traktor defensemen cleared the puck away from the crease.

Bochenski is going to Chelyabinsk for game 5, but I dont know when he will be back on the ice.

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