Anvar Gatiyatulin: we made very few mistakes tonight

Press conference after game 2.

Eduard Zankovets, Barys head coach:
First of all, I want to thank the fans who came all the way from Astana for this game. As far as the game goes, it was a complete one eighty from game one we received two many penalties, and it was very difficult to get a good result. Anyhow, the boys did their best and were withholding Traktor for some time, but then they got tired, and that was that.

Anvar Gatiyatulin, Traktor head coach:
First off, we were able to play well defensively and made very few mistakes. We also managed to take advantage of the chances we had. Plus, just like my counterpart, I would like to thank our fans for their tremendous support.

Question to Zankovets: Youve taken two coach challenges concerning possible offside situation in two games. Was it a way to give your players some time to rest?
No, it was not taking the challenge just for the sake of it. Tonight was a very close one I actually thought there could have been an offside, and I didnt want to lose that chance.

Question to Zankovets: What are your thoughts about the two games on the road?
Well, we are tied at one. Of course, its okay to want more, but if someone said before the series that we would be tied after two games, it would be fine with me.
Gatiyatulin: Its too early to jump to the conclusions. Well see after the series ends.

Question to Zankovets: What do you think was the reason both games were very long?
I think this is because both teams wanted to win so much.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Why Francouz over Demchenko?
This was the collective decision of the coaching staff.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Is Klimontov fine?
He was feeling under the weather, so we decided to give him some time off.

Question to Gatiyatulin: Are you satisfied with the way Artyom Penkovsky has been getting better?
He is not a rookie weve been expecting this kind of performance from him for quite a while. We want him to play like that more often
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