Belye Medvedi  (Chelyabinsk, Russia) Reaktor  (Nizhnekamsk, Russia)
Belye Medvedi Reaktor


Krasnaya Armiya 0:3
Almaz 2:2
Tolpar 0:3
Reaktor 0:3
Belye Medvedi

Contracts prolonged

Stanislav Chistov, Semyon Kokuyov, Ilya Davydov, Danil Gubarev, Artyom Borodkin and Artyom Penkovsky extend their agreements with Traktor. >>>

Belye Medvedi vs. Reaktor, 5:2. Highlights

Best plays from last night`s game with comments from Medvedi head coach Anvar Gatiyatulin (in Russian). >>>
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MHL. Nine out of nine Traktor Press Office 31.03.2015

Belye Medvedi advanced to Kharlamov Cup semifinals, beating Reaktor for the third time in a row (5:2).

Traktor hockey school. Traktor-2000 in final round of Russian Championship Traktor Press Office 30.03.2015

Traktor-2002 won’t participate in the final round, Traktor-2001 still has a chance.

Kharlamov Cup. Reaktor vs Belye Medvedi. Game 3 preview Traktor Press Office 29.03.2015

The black-and-white can officially advance to the Kharlamov Cup semifinals tomorrow night.

Happy birthday! Traktor Press Office 29.03.2015

Today, on March 29, Traktor defenseman Aleksei Vasilchenko celebrates his 34th birthday.

Traktor to face Rubin in exhibition game Traktor Press Office 28.03.2015

Traktor and Rubin face off on April 3.

Reaktor vs. Belye Medvedi, 2:8. Summary Traktor Press Office 28.03.2015

Best plays of last night`s game with comments from Semyon Afonasyevsky.

MHL. Higher gear Traktor Press Office 28.03.2015

Belye Medvedi left no chance to Reaktor In game 2 of Kharlamov Cup quarterfinals. Medvedi now are leading the series two nothing.

Kharlamov Cup. Reaktor vs. Belye Medvedi, 2:3 (OT). Highlights Traktor Press Office 27.03.2015

Best plays from last night`s game.

MHL. KHL experience matters Traktor Press Office 27.03.2015

In the opening match of Kharlamov Cup quarterfinals, Belye Medvedi defeated Reaktor from Nizhnekamsk in the overtime (3:2).

Andrei Nikolishin: telling player that he should leave the team is the most difficult thing Dmitri Morgules, ob-zor.ru 27.03.2015

Traktor head coach on coaching in general, on his requirements to players and his own mistakes as head coach.

Five Belye Medvedi players to take part in U20 tournament Traktor Press Office 26.03.2015

U20 team Russia starts preparation for the Four Nations Cup that takes place from April 9 to 12 in Slovakia.

Postseason press conference Traktor Press Office 25.03.2015

With one week delay, we are finally able to publish the transcript of this press conference.

Kharlamov Cup. Reaktor vs Belye Medvedi. Games 1 and 2 preview Traktor Press Office 25.03.2015

Belye Medvedi start the quarterfinals series against Reaktor on away ice.

Happy birthday, Coach! Traktor Press Office 25.03.2015

Today, on March 25, Traktor head coach Andrei Nikolishin celebrates his 42nd birthday.

Happy birthday! Traktor Press Office 24.03.2015

Today, on March 24, Belye Medvedi assistant coach Maksim Smelnitsky celebrates his 41st birthday.

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